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(Patent Pending)

“The Totspot is the next great invention in childcare.”
The Totspot (patent pending) is a portable LED light which produces a light much like a large candle, lighting your path wherever you go! It will clip onto most items up to one inch thick such as your clothes, crib, change table, chair, bedding, etc.

The Totspot is constructed of a lightweight, durable and non-toxic material with a ball and socket style rotating head which pivots like an ‘eye’ in any direction enabling the user to direct the light accordingly. Our ergonomic design incorporates safety features such as a countersunk low voltage LED bulb, screw-on battery cover, secured clip and push-button on/off switch making the Totspot safe for your child to use. The Totspot produces a significant amount of non-invasive light without creating night blindness letting you and your child to return to sleep quickly and peacefully. It has a multitude of uses including checking on babies and young children at night, administering medicine, reading a book, going to the washroom, illuminating inside a tent, as a travel light or a safety night light to name only a few.

  • LED light lets you safely see in the dark without creating night blindness
  • Will not trigger seratonin production in your brain, allowing you to fall back asleep peacefully
  • Perfect for checking on your little one, diaper changes, feedings, giving medication, lighting inside your diaper bag, reading, and much more!
  • Great for potty training
  • Pivoting head allows you to aim the light in any direction
  • Will clip onto items up to 1 inch thick
  • Safe for your child to use with supervision
  • Uses common, inexpensive AG-13 button cell batteries
  • Includes matching lanyard with safety breakaway clip available so you can wear the Totspot around your neck.