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The Original Miracle Milk Bib

For newborns and infants

  • Designed specifically for bottle and breast feeding
  • The ONLY bib that will absorb up to 1/2 cup of liquid and keep baby dry
  • Super absorbent three layered fabric construction with waterproof lining stops liquid from going through onto baby
  • Soft, fleece neck roll prevents leaking and neck rashes
  • The best solution for teething, drooling and reflux disorder
  • Doctor recommended!
  • Adjustable neck fasteners
  • Ages 0-24 months
  • Non-toxic!

The Miracle Milk Bib was designed to keep baby dry specifically during bottle and breast feedings. It takes newborn babies time to learn to suckle, often-making feedings a wet and cold experience. With the Miracle Milk Bib, three precise layers of fabric act to pull liquid away from the surface into the absorbent core. The waterproof lining then prevents this liquid from soaking through to your baby’s skin. A soft fleece neck roll stops rashes by preventing fluids from leaking down baby’s neck. We provide adjustable neck fasteners for a comfortable fit without the use of sharp Velcro or rusty metal snaps. Say goodbye to cheap bibs that don’t work and can irritate baby’s delicate skin!

The Miracle Milk Bib is easy to clean – just machine wash in warm water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry low heat.

Top Choice Award Winner for Best Bib