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  • White LED bulb produces a significant amount of light
  • Useful for reading, camping, crafts, home repair, auto repair, walking, as a personal night light and much more
  • Pivoting head allows you to aim the light in any direction
  • Will clip onto items up to 1 inch thick
  • Optional matching lanyard available
“The Multi-Spot is perfect for any situation where a hands free light source is needed.” The Multi-Spot (patent pending) is a bright portable LED light that will clip onto most items up to one inch thick such as clothing, books, hats, tents, etc. It is constructed of a lightweight, durable material with a ball and socket style rotating head which pivots like an ‘eye’ in any direction enabling the user to direct the light accordingly. Our ergonomic design incorporates safety features such as a countersunk low voltage LED bulb, screw-on battery cover, secured clip and push-button on/off switch making the Multi-Spot safe for a child to use with supervision.