About Goo-Goo Baby....

Goo-Goo Baby was born out of love for children and the desire to see them happy and content. My passion is to invent things that make both a child's experiences and a parent's interactions while feeding, diaper changing, sleeping and potty training more enjoyable. We know products that work well create harmony. Through thoughtful product design and attention to detail we provide your family with accessories that make these everyday jobs an opportunity for joy.

Why Goo-Goo Baby?

Goo-Goo Baby is a community of like-minded individuals that are seeking happy peaceful experiences with our children. We don't follow the status quo, but rather raise the bar while being kind to the environment. We make life's ordinary experiences extraordinary through innovative, thoughtful and beautiful design resulting in highly functional useful products. In everything we do, we strive for coos of contentment, smiles of joy and peace of mind parenting.

Because happy children make families happy. .

Designing content babies one smile at a time, .

Rea Tarnava
Founder, Innovator & CEO

Offering Help

Goo-Goo Baby sponsors a single parent family in Nicaragua. Our foster child is named Megaly Judith. We enjoy watching Megaly grow and change, and are pleased to be able to help make her future a little brighter.