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Potty training just got easier!

Your toddler can make these fun images magically appear with just a little TINKLE! Helps toilet training be a positive and rewarding experience for young children.

Tinkle Time Reusable Potty Training Stickers utilize a positive, instant reward system to assist parents and caregivers in quickly and effortlessly training a child to use the potty.

How they work:
  • Place a Tinkle Time sticker at the bottom of the potty bowl
  • When your child urinates on the sticker, the white coating magically becomes transparent revealing a fun Tinkle Time image
  • The child receives an instant reward for going to the potty that positively reinforces their efforts
  • After the potty is gently cleaned, the sticker will return to white as it dries, ready to use again and again
  • Make a game of it and your little one will want to play!

Tinkle Time
Reusable Potty Training Stickers are very easy to use, and each sticker will last up to 4 months. You receive three stickers per package, and we offer four different themes – Bugs, Jungle Animals, Sea Creatures and Canadian Critters.

What guarantees success?
Even a small amount of urine (1 tbsp) on the Tinkle Time sticker will reveal the image, giving this product 100% reliability for a reward every time they tinkle!

2008 Outstanding Products Winner

2008 Seal of Excellence Award-Best Toilet Training Aid